N95 mask making machine for custom

Model: TZD-N95B
Place of Origin: Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Yutsai
Length: L 3500X W 650mm
Type: New
Weight: custom
Product name: Fully automatic face N95 mask making machine
Equipment efficiency: 30-50 pcs/min
Equipment power: 220V 50KHz
Pre-process: auto tablet machine 1set, capacity =30-50 pcs/min
Edge-sealing machine: 4 sets, efficiency =2-5 s
Nose bridge bar welding machine: 4 sets, efficiency =2-5 s
Lug welding machine: 6 sets, efficiency =4-8 s
After process: folding N95 mask - bench banding machine
Edge sealing welding: L750 X W1000(mm)
Power: 2000W


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Unit Price:100000.0 USDProduction Capacity:20
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, WUPacking:Wood case
Min. Order:1 Set/SetsDelivery Date:30
Means of Transport:Ocean, Train

The semi-auto production line by the former process (first step) after ontology machine and process automation (including sealing side machine/welding bridge of the nose of machine/welding machine ears) set of lines, first of all, by the operator will expect the first working procedure on shipping/location of automation machine piece of ontology, through ontology machine finish after the piece, again by operator receiving station and transfer, points that the sealing side, through the manual sealing side machine complete sealing side, again by operators material-collecting, shunt to the welding of bridge of the nose bar location, through the manual welding machine to complete the bridge of the nose , and then by the operators material-collecting, shunt to weld ear with location,And through manual operation of the lug belt welding machine to complete the lug belt spot welding, and finally by the operator to collect, tidy up and transferred to the next procedure for operation.

1. Model no : TZD-N95B

2. Process configuration: 1 set folding N95 mask automatic body machine in the former process, 4sets edge sealing machines in the latter process / 4 sets nose bridge welding machines / 6 sets ear belt welding machines.

3. Capacity: 30-50 tablets/min

4. Operation personnel: about 15 persons

5. Floor area: about 60 square meters


1. Pre-process: auto tablet machine 1set, capacity =30-50 pcs/min

2. The post-process includes:

(1) edge-sealing machine: 4 sets, efficiency =2-5 s

(2) nose bridge bar welding machine: 4 sets, efficiency =2-5 s

(3) lug welding machine: 6 sets, efficiency =4-8 s

1. Pre-process: folding type N95 automatic body punching machine

(1) film-making machine: L 3500X W 650mm

(2) equipment power: 220V 50KHz

(3) equipment efficiency: 30-50 pcs/min

(4) using the principle of ultrasonic auto sealing side, complete the mask on the edge of the welding machine and slitting process, put on the mask ontology finished the machine transmission device, after ultrasonic wheel pressing, welding, cutting, thus the output of finished product, only one person put masks ontology in the machine's transmission, the rest of the follow-up work are completed fully auto.

2. After process: folding N95 mask - bench banding machine

(1) edge sealing welding:L750 X W1000(mm)

(2) power: 2000W

(3) equipment efficiency: 2-5 s

3. After process: folding N95 mask - hot welding nose bridge banding machine

(1) nose bridge banding machine: L 300X W 600(mm)

(2) equipment efficiency: 4-8 s

4. After process: folding N95 mask - table ear belt welding machine

(1) lug welding machine: L 600 X W 450(mm)

(2) equipment efficiency: 4-8 s

(3) features: suitable for masks, knitted products, bed covers, ribbons, garments, lace and other products, ergonomic design, comfortable operation, high production efficiency, can improve the quality, create profits.

Article5. Equipment acceptance 

1. The seller shall notify the buyer 5 days before shipment upon completion of installation and commissioning. The buyer shall provide qualified materials upon receipt of the delivery letter, arrange technical personnel to come to the seller's site for acceptance according to the technical agreement.

2. Materials used for acceptance test shall meet the requirements of this agreement;

3. The acceptance inspection shall be conducted by the engineering and technical personnel designated by both parties and the acceptance inspection report shall be signed jointly.

Article6.Installation, commissioning and training

1. After the equipment is shipped to the buyer's factory, the buyer shall be responsible for the installation and debugging of the equipment;During debugging, the seller shall arrange door-to-door service if the problem is supported remotely by the seller first and still cannot be solved;The buyer shall comply with the installation site regulations specifically instructed by the seller in the training;


2. After the equipment is shipped to the buyer, the equipment shall be placed in the designated area by the buyer, and the overall level shall be corrected by the buyer's staff. The installation and debugging shall be completed within two weeks if the buyer provides debugging materials;

  3.After the installation and debugging of the equipment, the seller shall conduct technical handover and operation and maintenance training for the operators and equipment maintenance personnel of the buyer.

  4. The seller shall provide free training for relevant personnel of the buyer.Contents include:

(1) mechanical assembly training -- the training of mechanical personnel for the assembly and maintenance of equipment, usually during the process of mechanical assembly, the buyer shall send engineers to the manufacturer to master the basic specifications, components, characteristics, etc.;

(2) variety conversion training -- training corresponding to rapid variety conversion;

(3) mass production training -- training on the handling of various problems during mass production.Usually, the seller's personnel will conduct one-week operation follow-up training on the buyer's site, including normal use of equipment, maintenance, fault analysis and troubleshooting, operation safety and emergency procedures.

  5. Equipment quality assurance and after-sales service

(1) the warranty period of the equipment shall be 12 months from the date of formal acceptance of the equipment. In case of failure caused by our company's responsibility, the warranty and parts shall be delivered free of charge by our company (conditions not specified in the specification shall not be subject to this limitation).

(2) Within five years after the expiration of the warranty period, the seller shall still be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the equipment, but shall only charge reasonable labor hours and reasonable transportation expenses. The seller shall only charge the cost of the accessories for the replacement and purchase of related accessories.Upon receiving the failure notice from the buyer, the seller shall implement the warranty obligation, respond within 8 hours and provide a solution within 24 hours.

To reduce the buyer's loss.If other parts are needed for maintenance, the seller shall assist in purchasing, installing and debugging, and solve problems.

Product Description

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